Life is a collection of stories—thrilling triumphs and quiet successes, momentous decisions and pleasant surprises.  A youthful crush, fondly recalled. The first day on the job, when you had no idea what lay ahead. The birth of your child, or the day she had a child of her own. YourStory's mission is to present and preserve these stories, for family, friends, and future generations.

At YourStory, we believe that everybody is somebody, and we all have a story to tell. Many people go through life feeling that they are not "important" enough to have a story worth sharing. Others realize that they have memorable stories to tell, but are just too busy or feel overwhelmed by writing them down. We know that your story is not something to be dismissed or taken for granted—it should be cherished, preserved, and enjoyed, today and for years to come.

We provide a relaxed, fulfilling service that allows you to enjoy the experience while leaving the work to us. We interview our subjects or their loved ones in a convenient and comfortable setting in which they can share and appreciate their stories. Our experienced storytellers then weave these cherished memories into engaging and entertaining products that can be enjoyed by family and friends for years to come. Each product is tailor-made to suit each client’s wishes—some tell the story of your life, while others provide a snapshot of a memorable time or share aspects of your life. How you use our service is up to you—you can create a keepsake to preserve your own legacy, or document the stories of a loved one, friend, or colleague. Any of these options can make for gifts that will be treasured forever.